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January 2, 2010

2010 Prediction | Obama Daughter(s) threat

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WHITEHOUSE – Obama daughter(s) may be in danger

BARACK OBAMA – There will be a grave concern over another one of AMERICA’s SWEETHEARTS; one of Obama’s daughters in 2010.

There are the letters “P” “I” “N” “K” relative to the issue.  Letters have greater importance than a word or label because they have underlying spiritual meaning.  So, regardless the obvious word “pink” that could fit into the matter – whether a condition, place, name or object, for example – the letters in any sequence could be clues to resolving a potential threat to the daughter(s).

For example, the letters “pink” also occur in the word “kidnap”

“P” could suggest 6, 9, b, d, bed, wheel barrow, and spirituality”

The names of the girls are Malia Ann (10 years old) and Sasha (Natasha) (7 years old).

Natasha is the one I have the greatest concern for.

*Note:  Also delivered live on Coast to Coast AM Radio w/host Ian Punnett – January 1st, 2010


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