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February 11, 2011

2011 Prediction (1) | Chemtrails are an Experiment

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CHEMTRAILS – A Serious Experiment

Chemtrails – The special spraying of metal-based concoctions is deliberate.  There will be grave concern about the affects of the anticipated 2012 Solar Flare activity, and these metal experiments are the means being tested to shield the atmosphere, and thus block waves.

Chemtrails – But there may be a more sinister double agenda.  Should catastrophy strike, two things will be needed.  First, a way of activating the programming being performed on humans through the H1N1 manipulations … this can occur magnetically (magnetic waves) and these experiments  are a means to support communication or controls to humans.  Secondly, there must be away to perform sanitation and decomposition services on the many who may parish in catastrophes.  Chemtrail experiments are providing the tests.  This will prove related to the large fish kills and bird kills in early 2011.


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