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June 3, 2011

2011 Prediction (5) | War in last half of 2011 and in 2012

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2011 Prediction (5) | War in last half of 2011 and in 2012


The United States at War again.


I was simply driving one day, on the way back from a rather casual and enjoyable day whereby I was able to enjoy many of the sights and sounds of Southern California.  Then it hit me … and when things just come to you out of the blue without forethought whatsoever, or any connection evident in your thinking you know you are actually [receiving] something “… the United States is going to war again.  It will be soon, starting this year and most evident in 2012.”

Although I have a high expectation that the United States will couch its conflict under its new blanket disguise of National Security, this war has strong economical and [power] undertones.  Therefore, the United States, but as a pawn for a select group of instigators,  is committing troops for select personal gain of the few.  There is the sense that we will be at odds with our own traditional allies, and it is the Europe – particularly the U.K. that will challenge our position.  There is an underlying strategy to gain and maintain power in the world.  Although I do not believe we have overtly acted this way before, this time there seems a need to protect our power base.  Our economy if a weak link in our power base, so these two agendas are interrelated.


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  1. Any ideas about who we will be war against? Could this be a mechanism to enable those in power to create the distraction to institute Martial Law here, and shuffle millions off to the FEMA camps? Some believe the AntiChrist to rise out of the UK, so I find it interesting that they may be a source of our conflict. If we have pressing need for resources to help with natural disasters (Cal. separating from the US coast) then how much money, troops can we still contribute to new war efforts? I see 2012 as a year of strife, and the need for all of us to develop survival skills. Do you agree? Thanks, Christian.

    Comment by Rhea Angell — June 6, 2011 @ 7:29 am

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