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June 30, 2011

2011 Prediction (7) | Volcanic Activity breaches the Arabian /Eurasian Plates – 3000 foot Tsunami

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2011 Prediction (7) | Volcanic Activity breaches the Arabian /Eurasian Plates – 3000 foot Tsunami results off the coast of Africa


Major world-class Tsunami to hit America’s East Coast.

Although I have been forseeing events centering on the area of the Ring of Fire, I now see this break-up of the Earth’s crust occuring independently half-way across the world from the ROF.

There are two Plates, the Arabian Plate andthe Eurasian Plates that will show the signs of this break-up.  The cracking of the earth will result from volcanic activity in the area, at a premature time, that will have destructive impact on the Canary islands.  It is the effects of this sliding into the ocean of the islands that will initiate the Tsunami.  The height will exceed 3,000 feet, given the size of the islands, and the drop that will be experienced.  Similar to events from Japan, the wave will race towards North America, this time it will hit the southern East Coast, after a destructive swath through the Carribean.


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