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AUG 20

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Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
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Michael Jackson drew our attention to three significant areas on this date

Michael Jackson returned in private psychical session to speak briefly to a date on or about August 20th, 2009. He wanted I, Christian von Lahr, to share three specific things with followers of his story through my venues.

SPIRITUAL:  He made reference that for those who have been following his journey in these follow-up days he would make a spiritual connection.  These followers would feel an opening of their spiritual abilities, and have some psychical experience pertaining to him. 

Spiritual Awaking | Page » 


BURIAL:  He wanted to make a private announcement of what it is he would prefer, have preferred for his burial, although understands such things are in the hands of we physical people at this time. 

Burial Message| Page » 


HEADLINES:  He also made reference to Headlines of that date, which he expected us to all look for.  He wanted to help us find a kind of closure in this regard, and to explore all of our concepts about him.  The headlines of that date would speak to many of these issues. 

As these came in from the followers I posted them, and they have been commented on.  What was being picked up actually was not the primary one he was interested in our seeing, however he DID want us to explore them all as they were meant for us to think about them and complete our thoughts along those lines.  He wanted us to expore and think, not just to make a pronouncement.  These can be found in the menu bar index.

Alternative Headlines| Page » 


But, one would stand out as connecting all three of these points above.

Main Headline | Page »

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  1. i am curious if all 3 dots have been connected. I guess i should have read MJJ instructions of us more cloesley instead of rambling. However my friends tell me i like to speak out loud first then gather my thoughts.

    Comment by Faith — September 6, 2009 @ 4:43 pm | Reply

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