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  1. You mentioned the metaphorical nature of the bible. Does that mean the old testament (ego) represents one round in one age of man or pre-2012 density while the new testament (spirit) represents another round in the age of man or post-2012?

    Comment by Princess — September 9, 2009 @ 11:33 pm | Reply

    • No, Princess, it is something else. I will have to get back to this one and answer more fully. Between distinations at the moment.

      Comment by ChrisTian — September 16, 2009 @ 2:41 pm | Reply

      • Princess, re: Ego. Sorry for the delay, I was between travels.

        Ego is that focus we are developing in THIS particular “age,” which is itself represented by what the ancients called “Races of Man.”

        So, currently in this age we are to develop the ego. But moreso, we are to learn to rise above it. The ego helps us achieve a sense of “knowing,” and with knowing comes a tight focus. This allows our minds to go far. But, too far and we become righteous. The latter part of this age we need to surrender the ego ( the spirtiual message of 2012) and recognize that we are limited. That there must be something Higher, and we should seek it. In so doing we will ALSO reunite the lessons of the last age, the Atlantean, which is the “creative” processes in us; the music, the art, the creative expression. We are to go further and receive the benefits of the last age, that of the race of Lumerian, and reunite with “instincts.”

        Comment by ChrisTian — September 23, 2009 @ 12:34 am | Reply

  2. Dr. von Lahr,
    I searched ancient wisdom and there is not much substance online. I am interested in honing the ability that is within me to connect to higher self. There is an energy in me that I cannot put into words. Its not the type of energy that we excert with physical activities. It feels like it is very small yet packed with more energy than a little “ball?” of “light?” should have. If I had to explain where it was, my best explanation is the center of where my body would make a cross if I stood up and stretched my arms out to shoulder height. In addition, I notice that a lot of Egyptian symbols are used in reference to “races” in the rounds or stages of “us”. You did not mention them along with the lemurians/hindus, atlantians, mayans, etc. How do they fit in?

    I can’t help but feel I have been searching for something that I hold the key to inside. I just don’t know how to get it out.

    Comment by Princess — September 10, 2009 @ 10:25 pm | Reply

    • Lumerians precede Atlantians. Atlantians precede the Ethiopians, who preceded the Sumereian/Akkadians. These preceded Hindus, Egyptians and Afgans (aka the Phoenicians) and also around that time the Babylonians – they were contemporaries. Across the world at the SAME time the Mayan and associative races of physical-world man were starting – this too around the time Stone Henge was being Built.

      Only the Lumerian and Atlanteans were races. The others WERE ALL and are STILL the same race, which we call no INDO-whateverwefeellike. (although, before WWI it used to be Aryan, Hitler fould that word, though) WE TO are of the INTO race. SO, nothing in our history has changed much UNTIL 2012.

      Ancient wisdom is the greater of the subsequent teachings of esoteric-buddhism, early-Hindusim, Mystic Christianity and Judiasm. Philosphically try Free masonary, Rosecrutianism and Theosopy. The latter is the best, most comprehensive and straight, but it is very difficult very very difficult to catch-up on, and follow. It is the one I basically subscribe to, but I have put in the decades it takes. Perhaps the esoteric stuff, rosecrutianism (christian) would fit you easier. The free masonary, scottish rights categories have diminished in their wisdom. Buddhism has split, but still holds a lot of the original wisdom. Hindu holds a great deal, but unless you learn Sanskrit of peli, it can be impossible.

      Comment by ChrisTian — September 11, 2009 @ 12:44 am | Reply

      • Dr. von Lahr,

        I think since “meeting” you, I have saved myself a few reincarnations if you will. I feel like I have grown by leaps and bounds spiritually. The pieces of the puzzle that I have been gathering since childhood are all starting to come together for me to finally understand the main idea. I went on the academic quest to research what you wrote. In addition to finding the answers to the “races”, I found information on theosophy, universal truth, and fragments of ancient wisdom. It’s all coming back to me now.

        Good leadership is hard to find, so I truly appreciate you, Master Teacher.

        Comment by Princess — September 12, 2009 @ 10:35 pm | Reply

        • Thank you gentle people. I will be back soon with responses, the Pasedena CA show was a spectactular success, besides the Readings there was standing room only for the major 2012 event. This pleased me because it is a very big and important story. Be back soon after the event to check in and give some responses.

          Comment by ChrisTian — September 13, 2009 @ 1:05 am | Reply

          • Congratulations Dr. von Lahr! The show must have been real great. :-)

            Comment by Kate — September 14, 2009 @ 1:58 am | Reply

          • Congratulations!

            Glad to hear that your trip was a success!!

            Comment by Denise — September 24, 2009 @ 2:29 pm | Reply

    • Princess, that “tiny ball of light” is EXACTLY, PRECISELY what the Higher Self will look like, for those whom we teach the process of bringing it in. I often share this old Tibetan technique during Readings and spiritual sessions I do around the country, and in phone Readings. I prefer to do it on a one-by-one basis for two reasons; I want a sense of what you will perceive first, and two, I want to personalize WHAT WE CAN DO once we achieve this. As the latter can literally change our lives, it is rather special. So lastly, I usually want to be reasonably sure the recipient of the knowledge is a good candidate for success. One day you will likely cross my path and we can look into this. Until then, follow your instincts and the “inner truth” you have been developing, you seem to be on the right track.

      Comment by ChrisTian — September 23, 2009 @ 12:29 am | Reply

      • There are no words to express my gratitude for this and the things to come.

        Comment by Princess — September 23, 2009 @ 1:33 pm | Reply

  3. re: the question “What are Demons,” posed to me:

    Demons are one of two things. They are either the diminished consciousness of Man whereby that man has refused to continue the development of his consciousness in the emotional Astral Plane. By this act, his astral body will continue to diminish in even that energy as the consciousness clings to the Earth more and more, attracted to lust, drink and other base, depraved or emotional acts. Eventually that consciousness becomes semi-consciousness, and further still, it will dissipate. The other situation is a consciousness that is by its nature semi-consciousness. This is an etity form not known to us own the earth other than through its influence of negativity.

    However, we can’t totally discount the discarded shells of aetheric energy that have cloaked our bodies for so long serving the purpose of houseing our health aura. It persists 2-3 days after passing, and CAN be taken up by the semi-consciousness above, a dark wiziard (which would have to be in the consciousness that is still diminishing,) or by a negative “Thought Form” that can use the discarded sheath for a short time.

    Of course, the Christian church, Jewish traditions and even the Hindu will give great tales about these diminished forms as enternal evil beings, which simply CAN’T possibly be true. They would have to be continually ensouled and there is little to almost no opportunity for such unless there was a persistent cult or practice for this distinct purpose. I am sure that has happened for some vague period, but it could not be common or consistent.


    Comment by ChrisTian — September 19, 2009 @ 1:01 am | Reply

    • Thank you!

      Comment by Kate — September 19, 2009 @ 11:54 pm | Reply

    • Thanks for this!

      Comment by Kate — September 19, 2009 @ 11:55 pm | Reply

      • Oh now I’m seeing my posts. Wow, now it isn’t too obvious that I’m super grateful. LOL

        Comment by Kate — September 21, 2009 @ 12:58 pm | Reply

        • Kate. If the posts have two or more links, they are automatically held for approval.

          Comment by ChrisTian — September 21, 2009 @ 1:49 pm | Reply

          • Oh right! WordPress settings. Thanks for the reminder. I was about to ask what happened to another post. Good I read this first.

            Comment by Kate — September 21, 2009 @ 2:38 pm | Reply

    • Are there not cults or practices to keep these beings here on earth? It is sad, but unfortunately I believe it to be true. There are people who get paid astronomical sums of money to practice evil.

      Comment by Princess — September 20, 2009 @ 2:17 pm | Reply

      • Yes Sheryl, this would be true.

        Comment by ChrisTian — September 23, 2009 @ 12:23 am | Reply

        • Dr. von Lahr,

          Is there a reason you called me Sheryl?

          Comment by Princess — September 24, 2009 @ 3:09 pm | Reply

  4. Test Post.

    (There’s something weird with this page. I tried to post something in response to that demons topic but it wouldn’t let me see my post.)

    [administrator’s comment. It was likely you were including several links in your comment. These force them into an “approval needed” status. Most of these I do eventually approve, but this is ALSO how I block those who are trying to SPAM the blog.]

    Comment by Kate — September 20, 2009 @ 3:38 am | Reply

    • Okay, I just wanted to say thanks Dr. von Lahr for your post re my question about demons. :-)

      Comment by Kate — September 20, 2009 @ 3:39 am | Reply

  5. I just had one the most interesting and somehow most “gratifying” experiences in regards to “there are no incidents” and what we talked about here in regards to the “collective consciousness”.

    Some weeks back I had joined some other curious folks at another board who analyzed song lyrics and where wondering about the reference of “every time your lady speaks” in MJ’s song “Threatened.”

    So I gave it my all and came up with my own analysis. Some agreed, others were still trying to go along with the original thread’s intention- trying to prove the existence of a special someone in MJs life. The debate never really took off.

    Now, some later somebody was quoted me from another interpretation of another the “This is it” from the press conference. She did not mention “Threatened” at all. I looked her up and she was part of another Thread titled the “Twilight Zone.” I had never seen that tread and the debate that took place. All of a sudden things fell into place for me in regards to this song.

    I had looked at it from the point of a Twilight Zone episode (speaker in the song) and had compared it to M. Night Shyamalan “The Village.” I just found out that “Threatened” was indeed based on the Twilight Zone episode “It’s a good life.” And after watching that episode I see that it relates very much to “The village”.

    I had wondered about this song- and weeks later all of a sudden I get a hint, follow and bam, things make sense. I just had to wait a bit- but it seems that my search to “unlock” “Threatened” didn’t go unnoticed- I got my answer at last. Wonderful. I’ll stop hyperventilating now.

    Comment by Wondering — September 23, 2009 @ 1:41 pm | Reply

    • Interesting. Glad the heart pressure is back to normal. It is always gratifying to get answers.

      Comment by ChrisTian — September 23, 2009 @ 5:06 pm | Reply

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