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January 2, 2010

2010 Prediction | Maria Carey

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CELEBRITIES – Maria Carey says”Bye Bye” because cannons aren’t going off.

MARIA CAREY –   Maria Carey says “Bye Bye” to Nick Cannon, after a brief marriage.

Nick Cannon and Maria Carey have difficulty giving birth.  I suspect there is interest in having Nick’s brother (Gabriel) father the child, which would backfire.

SORRY SWEETHEART, it’s not going to work!

*Note:  Also delivered live on Coast to Coast AM Radio w/host Ian Punnett – January 1st, 2010


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September 23, 2009

New FORUM created

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FORUM CREATED FOR MJ DISCUSSIONS – Please use the FORUM link in the Menu Bar to Right.

This move was requested by members to support the extrordinary growth on this Blog.

Once activity is reinstituted and everyone is indoctronated to the new facility commets will be reopened here.  These Pages and Posts, however, will either be moved at the commenter’s discreation, or removed altogether.


The growth on this blog has been astronomical in the last month.  In response to several member requests I have ADDED A FORUM.  You can find it accessible through the Forum link under the BLOG ROLL section of the Menu.  This is a purchased professional community board which will NOT have any advertisements from the providers.  I, however, will allow promotion of our member’s wares and services in a specified area.

This is my general forum where I have begun threads on spirituality psychism and 2012.  I have added numerous main sections under a new community titled MICHAEL JACKSON.  The advantage of the forum is that many threads can be created under the various MJ sections, and posts can be made in these threads.  This provides the growth we need.

In the essence of supporting this transition I have personally selected several current members whom I would like to serve in management capacities on the forum.  These particular members I have already established there.  New members will have to go through the subscription/registry process.  Those assigned a role I have not only assigned a coded username, but also a temporary password and designation of forums they would moderate.  I am in the process of sending them their access codes.  Anyone else can simply sign up and post.

Although I have established these roles, they are of course selective.  Anyone can refuse the function.

Please update your personal profile page with name and information you would like shared.

Anyone who has inititated comment subjects should consider starting a thread in the forum it applies to, and copy/paste it.  That way people can continue to comment over there.  I will be removing many/most of these pages here in the blog once we begin transitioning.

This forum software supports it’s own internal email messaging to each other, AND email notification if you desire.  You have the option of deselecting email in your profile to eliminate forum email to your private mail service.

Enjoy the new forum.

Dr. Christian von Lahr

September 9, 2009


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Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
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Michael Jackson’s True Condition was Not Understood.  His Treatment in Error

POST | I Know.


I know now EXACTLY what Michael Jacksons total condition was.  I know what lead to his death, which is  not the same as what forensically killed him.  It ties totally with the complete Channel.  This actually goes back, much further back than we have considered.  He has actually NOT BEEN PROPERLY DIAGNOSED.  I know what the problem actually was.  NOW I UNDERSTAND why his Higher Self was reaching out to me back in February, I knew at that time.  It wasn’t JUST for the treatment process than an associate had regarding his infections.

But, I am in a quandry.  I am not sure I want to bring this out during this Mercury Retrograde, a time of mis-communication.  For now I will leave it as “I KNOW.”  I know what his sleeping problem was.  I now what his waking problem was.  I know why he was mis-diagnosed.  I know why he wanted drugs, certain drugs. 

I am going to have to sit with this one for a while, but I feel like I have finally resolved the delima.  And I’ve concluded, Michael Jackson DID NOT HAVE TO DIE.  There is necessary proof, but that has actually already come out.  This is like a magic trick where our focus has been misdirected.


POST | Discussions

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I have created a series of Discussion pages, drawn from a suggestion by member Faith, and these are indexed from the Menu bar.  It might help to better organize the many questions, answers and discussions that are ensuing from this blog, thus reducing the volume of comments we need to read/reread to catch up on our responses.


August 27, 2009

POST | YouTube Guests

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POST | YouTube guests who followed the channeling

Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
WEB | (Myst of the Oracle Corporation)

Welcome YouTube visitors

There have been numerous renditions of the Live Coast to Coast channel made, with resulting commentary pages.  Those remote visitors have asked for a common and POSITIVE place to house their discussions.  A separate page has been created, and the link is both below, and in the menu bar to the right.  Do to the argumentative nature of some journalistic takes on the life of Michael Jackson, I am researving the right to keep this particular page a Safe Harbor.  My Page – My Rules! 

See the Michael Jackson’s Video and YOUTUBE page | Page »

August 17, 2009

POST | Jackson’s LIVE channel right on. Officials confirm time of death

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POST | Jackson’s LIVE channel right on.  Officials confirm time of death

Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
WEB | (Myst of the Oracle Corporation)

Celebrity Clairvoyant Medium Dr. Christian von Lahr gets MAJOR HIT!!!

This link was provided by Atlanta, one of our contributors:,21985,25938405-2902,00.html  The newspaper says paramedic chiefs and staff at UCLA hospital showed it details of the report which was overseen by three specialist paramedics. The report, made on a comprehensive official form, revealed Jackson had no pulse or sign of heart activity, and had stopped breathing. Most tellingly, his body had clear signs of lividity – when blood drains to the bottom of the body after the heart stops. The revelations call into question claims by Jackson’s personal physician, Conrad Murray, that the singer had a faint pulse at the house and so would have benefited from CPR on the way to hospital.

See the Michael Jackson’s Time of Death| Page »

July 31, 2009

POST | Michael Jackson SPECIFICALLY said the air tank was half full.

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Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
WEB | (Myst of the Oracle Corporation)

Celebrity Clairvoyant Medium Dr. Christian von Lahr gets MAJOR HIT!!!

Michael Jackson Channeled:  The Psychic world receives a much needed boost in its legitimacy, and Dr. Christian von Lahr, Msc.D. rocks the world with hit after hit, days and weeks before officially proven right.

MJ Air Tanks half fullThis is the “Air Tank Half Full” Hit. Michael Jackson informed the world from “the Other Side” that the air in his tanks was half full.  EXCLUSIVELY, and just 2-days after his death, Michael Jackson came in for celebrity Clairvoyant Medium Dr. Christian von Lahr in a LIVE performance on Coast to Coast AM radio.  Read the story and listen to Michael Jackson’s  incredible revelation from “the otherside.”

This much-watched event PROVES psychic, clairvoyant, and mediumship spiritual connections work.  This one astounding event, heard live  has caught the notice of the world.  Most will gasp, some will be aghast, but the facts are the facts.  Christian von Lahr DID channel the information LIVE immediately after death; it didn’t play out in the news until many days later. With a sigh of relief, and in the open air MEDIUMSHIP is now back on the map as a viable spiritual service.  Single-handedly, Dr. Christian von Lahr steers the psychic world onward to new frontiers in the realms of spiritual existence.

HIT | Read the AIR TANKS HALF FULL | Page »

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POST | Michael Jackson LIVE Interview RIGHT-ON Glutathione Injections

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Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
WEB | (Myst of the Oracle Corporation)

Michael Jackson Injected, as Stated in On-Air Interview.  MAJOR HIT!!!

Clairvoyant Medium Dr. Christian von Lahr, Msc.D. channels that Michael Jackson injected

Clairvoyant Medium Dr. Christian von Lahr, Msc.D. channels that Michael Jackson injected

During the pre-interview with Host Ian Punnett, Michael Jackson interrupted adamantly and said he was being injected with Glutathione and Vitamin C. Everyone let that comment fly over our heads, with no actual attention.  However, it may be important.

HIT | Read the Michael Jackson Injected with Glutathion | Page »






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POST | Michael Jackson tells time of Death, from the other side

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Michael Jackson Claims Precise Time of Death From the Other Side.  Christian von Lahr’s Channel Spot On!

Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
WEB | (Myst of the Oracle Corporation)

JUST IN:  ET Television News JUST CONFIRMED Clairvoyant Medium Christian von Lahr’s  Reading of  Time of Death from the “other side.”

MAJOR HIT by anyone’s standards!!! Psychism now takes another great step farther.  Life on the other-side DOES exist, and we can connect.

8 or 8:18 Michael Jackson channels his time of death from the otherside to clairvoyant medium Dr. Christian von Lahr, Msc.D.

8 or 8:18 Michael Jackson channels his time of death from the otherside to clairvoyant medium Dr. Christian von Lahr, Msc.D.

ET News has just this moment announced that the time of death is closer to 8 AM, or 8:30 AM. This would be several hours sooner than previously reported. Michael Jackson communicated this confusion about his death hour “LIVE” in Dr. Christian von Lahr’s LIVE channel of him on Coast to Coast Radio AM a couple of days after his passing.

Christian was the only one to give a Live Channel, to report so soon, and to give any information about Michael from the Other-Side. Everyone has been waiting for official confirmation on the time of death, basically, “When did he die?” He [Michael] was saying something to this effect in channel “the time was all wrong, it was 8 or 18.” That is a real hit and another point for clairvoyant mediums. This certainly qualifies the Live Jackson Channel as accurate. It is meaningful to qualify Michael Jackson as an effective spiritual communicator, with an appropriate Medium, as he [may] have more to say; although he has not expressed this interest with any commitment. Earlier we just heard a second confirmation on the oxygen tanks; this time the chef saw the doctor attending Michael bringing them down every morning.

The earlier account also confirmed the celebrity connection in interview, and subsequent report by Christian that Jamie Foxx was a “Handler.” Christian had released inference to this in the Live Channel, and made it specifically public to news sources soon afterwards.  Christian remains confident there will also be confirmation of bite marks on Michael Jackson, as he reported in the live channel he was bitten. He associates this to some of his illness, which jives with the earlier account Christian made about a condition with Michael Jackson known as MRSA.

HIT | Read the Time of Death from the other side | Page »

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POST | Clairvoyant Christian von Lahr right. Green Air Tanks Found

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In a remarkable display of true clairvoyant mediumship, the celebrity medium Dr. Christian von Lahr, Msc.D. informed News sources there were green oxygen tanks in Michael Jackson’s room, and his abode.  Raid proves him right. 

Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
WEB | (Myst of the Oracle Corporation)



HIT | This is a MAJOR HIT!!!

This is an astounding story that has been confirmed by New journalists first breaking the story, the Huffington Post, media world wide, subsequent on-site witnesses, and now the results from police raids.

See the Psychic Prophecy of Green Air Tanks | Page »



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Michael Jackson LIVE Channel validated by top sources.

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As regards Michael Jackson’s LIVE channel on Coast to Coast AM Radio just 2 days after his passing, Dr. Christian von Lähr has been 100% right on target.  The issue re the “Mother” custody is not yet resolved.  We can have confidence in his last words.  NOW, many are coming forward in public interviews and categorically validating the information Christian channeled LIVE before it was ever known openly.  You have heard it FIRST on Coast to Coast live Stream Link, and it has been picked up on YouTube as a replay.  Read new commentary from interviews with Larry King, Associate Press and other validation sources in the Michael Jackson Link.  The chef has just come forward with ASTOUNDING validation of the “air tanks” and the questionable time of death, as well as the specific celebrity connection. 

Go to the Michael Jackson page for more information.

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July 30, 2009

POST | Was Michael Jackson missing “Rojo?”

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Michael Jackson Claims LIVE that he was missing Rojo?  This may not have been Debbie Rowe at all, but the drug Seconal, also known as reds, or “Rojo” in spanish.

Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
WEB | (Myst of the Oracle Corporation)

Friday 7/31/9 10:00 PM

seconalIn researching some questions people have asked regarding the Coast to Coast AM Radio LIVE Channel of Michael Jackson, on Saturday June 27th, I needed to go back and replay the Stream; I hadn’t actually heard it since I was part of the program.  But, we forget minor details, now and then, so it was worth a review.

One of Michael Jackson’s first impassioned interjections reminded me that I have always remained curious about Jackson’s phrasing or meaning behind the world Rojo.  He had blurted out, “Gosh, I miss Rojo.” 

Christain begins an investigaton of this strange twist.  See Rojo Page »

News just in from the UK informs there WAS a Mexian source, the surogate mother of son Blanket.  See Mexican Page »

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July 27, 2009

Hello world!

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Man exists in many realms at one time.  I hope to help you connect with, or otherwise relate to, at least several of them.  We are not at some ultimate level of consciousness just yet.  Quite the contrary, we are only now just passing through the most difficult stages of existence that man will ever know; yet, this is a half-way mark.  With this history in mind, enlightenment must be garnered to traverse those higher stratums that lay before us.

We want to know the truth about reincarnation, we want proof of the survival of the soul, we listen to the assertion of clairvoyants and to the conclusions of psychical research, but we never ask, never, how to live. | Jiddu Krishnamurt

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