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September 23, 2009

New FORUM created

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FORUM CREATED FOR MJ DISCUSSIONS – Please use the FORUM link in the Menu Bar to Right.

This move was requested by members to support the extrordinary growth on this Blog.

Once activity is reinstituted and everyone is indoctronated to the new facility commets will be reopened here.  These Pages and Posts, however, will either be moved at the commenter’s discreation, or removed altogether.


The growth on this blog has been astronomical in the last month.  In response to several member requests I have ADDED A FORUM.  You can find it accessible through the Forum link under the BLOG ROLL section of the Menu.  This is a purchased professional community board which will NOT have any advertisements from the providers.  I, however, will allow promotion of our member’s wares and services in a specified area.

This is my general forum where I have begun threads on spirituality psychism and 2012.  I have added numerous main sections under a new community titled MICHAEL JACKSON.  The advantage of the forum is that many threads can be created under the various MJ sections, and posts can be made in these threads.  This provides the growth we need.

In the essence of supporting this transition I have personally selected several current members whom I would like to serve in management capacities on the forum.  These particular members I have already established there.  New members will have to go through the subscription/registry process.  Those assigned a role I have not only assigned a coded username, but also a temporary password and designation of forums they would moderate.  I am in the process of sending them their access codes.  Anyone else can simply sign up and post.

Although I have established these roles, they are of course selective.  Anyone can refuse the function.

Please update your personal profile page with name and information you would like shared.

Anyone who has inititated comment subjects should consider starting a thread in the forum it applies to, and copy/paste it.  That way people can continue to comment over there.  I will be removing many/most of these pages here in the blog once we begin transitioning.

This forum software supports it’s own internal email messaging to each other, AND email notification if you desire.  You have the option of deselecting email in your profile to eliminate forum email to your private mail service.

Enjoy the new forum.

Dr. Christian von Lahr

September 9, 2009

POST | Discussions

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I have created a series of Discussion pages, drawn from a suggestion by member Faith, and these are indexed from the Menu bar.  It might help to better organize the many questions, answers and discussions that are ensuing from this blog, thus reducing the volume of comments we need to read/reread to catch up on our responses.


August 27, 2009

POST | YouTube Guests

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POST | YouTube guests who followed the channeling

Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
WEB | (Myst of the Oracle Corporation)

Welcome YouTube visitors

There have been numerous renditions of the Live Coast to Coast channel made, with resulting commentary pages.  Those remote visitors have asked for a common and POSITIVE place to house their discussions.  A separate page has been created, and the link is both below, and in the menu bar to the right.  Do to the argumentative nature of some journalistic takes on the life of Michael Jackson, I am researving the right to keep this particular page a Safe Harbor.  My Page – My Rules! 

See the Michael Jackson’s Video and YOUTUBE page | Page »

July 31, 2009

POST | Clairvoyant Christian von Lahr right. Green Air Tanks Found

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In a remarkable display of true clairvoyant mediumship, the celebrity medium Dr. Christian von Lahr, Msc.D. informed News sources there were green oxygen tanks in Michael Jackson’s room, and his abode.  Raid proves him right. 

Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D.
WEB | (Myst of the Oracle Corporation)



HIT | This is a MAJOR HIT!!!

This is an astounding story that has been confirmed by New journalists first breaking the story, the Huffington Post, media world wide, subsequent on-site witnesses, and now the results from police raids.

See the Psychic Prophecy of Green Air Tanks | Page »



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July 27, 2009

Hello world!

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Man exists in many realms at one time.  I hope to help you connect with, or otherwise relate to, at least several of them.  We are not at some ultimate level of consciousness just yet.  Quite the contrary, we are only now just passing through the most difficult stages of existence that man will ever know; yet, this is a half-way mark.  With this history in mind, enlightenment must be garnered to traverse those higher stratums that lay before us.

We want to know the truth about reincarnation, we want proof of the survival of the soul, we listen to the assertion of clairvoyants and to the conclusions of psychical research, but we never ask, never, how to live. | Jiddu Krishnamurt

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