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This actually is my main focus this year.  It is incredibly important and I travel the country giving lectures on what is going to happen, and why.  There is substantial proof that most of our spiritual and new age beliefs are all tied together and relate directly or indirectly to 2012.  There are INDEED a lot of secret activities going on as well, and these too have a direct and indirect connection to 2012.  Technology is changing very rapidly, and theorists are concerned if there is an agenda behind it.  Geologically, the world has changed many times, including ice ages, magnetic shifts and polar shifts too.  This is part of an ancient history as well as geological history and at minimum speaks to the many Flood stories, and Atlantis too.  I will take questions in these regards, and we can organize any of ours or your discussions into this DISCUSSION | 2012 compartment to reduce the volume of comments we need to peruse.  If you please.



  1. I am actually looking forward to the change. I spent my entire life running towards the light. It seemed that I wasn’t moving for a long time although I was constantly running. If 2012 means that my labor and endurance has not been in vain, then I am ecstatic. There is something in spite of the challenges that keeps calling me higher through the voices of strangers, relatives, and friends. When I am not in good company, the voice is inside. My beliefs won’t let me doubt that it is for a purpose, but it surely would feel good to be able to see/witness what I have been working toward. The experience on this site has been a breath of fresh air because it has finally given me rest. It is a place where I can be me and let it all out. I don’t have to worry, according to you Dr. von Lahr, about being misunderstood. I can just allow my truth to be revealed. It’s like drinking a cold glass of unpolluted water in the middle of a field.

    Comment by Princess — September 9, 2009 @ 10:57 pm | Reply

  2. I have read very little about the 2012 prophecy although I’ve been hearing a lot about it on TV and seen some articles in print. I did not give much thought to it as all I’ve been getting about what’s going to happen on that year or after it are pretty much “end of the world” stuff. I, however, did not perceive it to be the “end of the world” wherein there will be chaos everywhere, as depicted in movies (haha). I knew there was more to it. I admit to being ignorant about it so I will do my research first and ask questions later. :-)

    Comment by Kate — September 10, 2009 @ 12:55 pm | Reply

  3. I have read and seen so much about 2012 and feel so many will lost sight of what it will really mean for us on earth. Many will use it as a form to scare people in Church the World is Ending, and many will just go crazy with ideas of fear.

    I see it as a Time of Change and Enlightenment for many who are ready. We have so much here on earth we dont even use, like the power of our mind. We can watch kris angel do a magic trick and amaze us, yet not believe we have the same powers within us.

    I was taught not to believe in this stuff its bad its evil, but after doing things the way I was taught my whole life. It took me losing everything, my marriage, my health and myself worth and I finally ended up open to ideas that I once thought were impossible.

    We have power within our own bodies and minds that work to help and heal us. I will never stop thanking you for opening this place for so many more to learn, I hope you have written some books because I am going to go buy them.

    Comment by Arlene — September 14, 2009 @ 12:58 pm | Reply

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