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Dr. Christian von Lahr’s LIVE Channel revelation. Michael Jackson was being injected with Propofol as a treatment for Drug Addiction, not sleep deprivation. He said he “MISSED ROJO.”

Dr. Christian von Lahr’s LIVE Channel revelation.  Michael Jackson was being injected with Propofol as a treatment for Drug Addiction, not sleep deprivation.  He said he “MISSED ROJO,” which was not Debbie Rowe, but the class of drugs called “Reds;” specifically Secobarbital (Seconal)

Friday 7/31/9 10:00 PM

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seconalIn researching some questions people have asked regarding the Coast to Coast AM Radio LIVE Channel of Michael Jackson, on Saturday June 27th, I needed to go back and replay the Stream; I hadn’t actually heard it since I was part of the program.  But, we forget minor details, now and then, so it was worth a review.

One of Michael Jackson’s first impassioned interjections reminded me that I have always remained curious about Jackson’s phrasing or meaning behind the world Rojo.  He had blurted out, “Gosh, I miss Rojo.”  I miss the kids.  They will remember the real me.  I hope the trust will work out.”  Then he quickly starts remembering his other family members.  The mind just cannot help but suppose that he was referring to Debbie Rowe, as mother-ship was a key question on people minds.  The Host and I let that one go at the time, presuming the obvious Debbie Rowe connection.  However, I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the clarity being expressed.  There was TOO MUCH mental confusion or clouding around the word.  The question came up for me again when father Joe Jackson was on CNN’s Larry King with an alleged producer for the group also of the last name Rowe.  I thought that was odd to have two Rowe’s, so closely connected.  Rojo could have been a Rowe, Rowe, for example. Still, why would Michael Jackson’s mind be clouding THAT particular word from me.

In replaying the session, that phrase popped out again.  This time, my curiosity seemed to focus better.  Rojo seemed addictive.  It seemed like a drug.  My first thought was that this might be a name related to some supplier.  Research showed no obvious connection.  I still had to wonder about the drug connection, is there a drug named Rojo. I wondered?  YES

The stream Michael Jackson blurted out seemed to the unquestioning mind to be connected.  But was it?  It didn’t have to be.  Actually, his emotional takeover of the channeling conversation was quite choppy and he changed targets of conversation very quickly.  So, we don’t have to connect “I miss Rojo,” with “,I miss the kids.”  These could have been two entirely unrelated points he was making. As a medium, I know that once a person passing has acclimated their conversations over the divide [actually] have three (3) meanings, not the one (1) that the Sitter getting the Reading first responds to.  I point this out on a daily basis to clients.  So, there were grounds for Rojo being UNRELATED to family and the children.

We also know, or accept, that Michael Jackson had addictions.  The Handlers that were introduced in the first interview segment with myself, themselves, said Michael Jackson had addictions.  But they were relating his infections to this.

My senses began saying, no, … there IS some drug named Rojo.    I kept remembering a Spanish voice in some of the Larry King interviews.  I made the mental leap of faith from Red, to the spanish “Rojo.”  Same thing.  Research tells us there are classes of drugs described as Reds, Blues, Rainbows, and several others.  I honed in on “the Reds”. Therefore, I could be looking for a drug named “Red.” Guess what I found.  A very obvious narcotic that totally fits the profile being attributed to Michael Jackson.  This “Red” I suspect is Secobarbital (Seconal.)

Secobarbital is a drug used to treat insomnia. It may also be given before surgery to relieve anxiety. Secobarbital overdoseoccurs when someone takes too much of this medicine.  Secobarbital is a poisonous Ingredient.  Below some researched information:

Poisonous Ingredient


Where Found

  • Immenoctal
  • Seconal
  • Seral

This list may not be all-inclusive.

When I got to the Symptoms, everything was starting to click.  Some of these are now public.  Others, I was indicating I was detecting DURING the live channel.  (It is known that when one passes over, they often retain much of their past existence of a while.  Almost all try and focus on their cause of death.  This area is almost always what they begin telling me when I first connect with them.)


  • Airways and lungs
    • Breathing difficulty
    • Slow or stopped breathing
  • Heart and blood
    • Low blood pressure
    • Weak pulse
  • Nervous system

THAT’S IT.  Michael Jackson was addicted to Secobarbital.

This brings me to the Propofol (Diprivan).  Jackson is being portrayed as taking this through the night and into the morning.  Why take Propofol during the day, at all.  Why all night, and through the early morning.  THERE IS a reason that is understood, to treat addiction.

SO, could the Propofol have been used to treat Michael Jackson’s Secobarbital addiction?  It not only makes sense it makes sense of the LIVE reading.  Yes, he MISSES Rojo (red), he was addicted to it.  Below is a medical reference through a Dr. Manejwala who has spoken publicly on Diprivan abuse, and in relation to Michael Jackson.

Dr. Manejwala is one of a very small number of physicians in the nation who has treated a significant number of patients with Diprivan abuse or Diprivan addiction.

In my clinical experience, most individuals who abuse Diprivan are health care practitioners, often anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists and OR technicians. Most commonly, they are using it initially to treat refractory, persistent insomnia. This insomnia can be due to any number of causes including depression, PTSD, alcoholism or addiction to other agents, or just primary insomnia. Some of our cases were practitioners who had developed the brain disease of addiction to alcohol or to opiate medications, and then developed addiction-induced insomnia. Our patients with a history of Diprivan abuse often self-administered the medication dozens of times in a single day (owing to the short half-life).

Let’s go back to the Spanish inference, the Rojo instead of Red.  The Spanish accent I was picking up when Larry King was interviewing one of the staff members at NeverLand Ranch.  Lets move forward, also, to the later part of the Coast to Coast show.  In the last hour the host, Ian Punnett posed questions, and took questions from the listening audience.  One in particular stands out, and FITS the uneasiness I was feeling from Jackson at this second, curious time.  The Paparazzi who called wanted to get a confirmation that Jackson KNEW him, and that Jackson would meet or seek some Spanish teenager or younger person.  The inquirer seemed to be playing to the pedophile angle which was predominant on the host’s mind.  However, Michael Jackson was showing great hesitance in his channel to me.  He seemed to want to hold back something.  I was picking up meeting places, perhaps food meeting places.  The Paparazzi wanted to focus on a Rent-a-Wreck location where Michael Jackson would secretly rent a vehicle so he could meet this Latin kid.  Supposedly.  I even asked the Paparazzi, was there food related to this, was there a food-meeting place?  I ALSO at that time was getting something drug-associated, but I was picking up that the Paparazzi should be careful with this line of questioning because he might become incriminated in something.  I had thoughts of drug exchange by a school, which could have been a crime at the time in question.   I also got the Michael Jackson wanted to be protective (spirit does something we call “pulling their energy back.”)  In the hemming and hawing from the Paparazzi  I felt it advisable for all involved to indicate Michael Jackson wasn’t going to go any further with that question.  So, here too, a drug factor.  A Latin factor.  Possibly a supplier factor, either the Paparazzi or the Latin boy.

Could the medical doctor or attendant have been prescribing Michael Jackson Secobarbital.  Did he become addicted to this?  Was a doctor or doctors, or handlers, trying to keep Michael Jackson alive long enough to clear the system of Secobarbital, and then more quickly, Propofol?  These questions need to be asked.   At minimal, was there evidence still remaining, presuming it was administered, in Jackson’s tissues or other parts of the body when the autopsy was done?  Are there possible Latin speaking associations of Jackson that have a drug connection?

This information may be important in furthering the quest for the cause of death of Michael Jackson.  It pulls together some facets of the Channel that seemed disparate at the time.  It speaks to my nagging psychic sense that there is a Latin factor in the death scenario.  We heard it first from Michael Jackson during his live channel, but the significance was obfuscated because of the presumed sentiment for the children and family.  Why is Michael Jackson nudging me to pursue this point … I think he must want it known, or out in the open.

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U P D A T E (see the Mexican Connection sub-page)

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  1. Wow!!!!! Doc you are amazing. I too thought he meant Debbie Rowe as well, even though it did not make sense.

    She had no significant relationship other than being the mother. When he kept saying ” she is a mother” when asked who the kids should be with it – confused me. It made the name Rojo all the more linked to Debbie Rowe. I am so glad you cleared up the misconception. It proves that one must never make judgments based on personal experiences when it comes to another. thanks for reminding me of that.

    One must always keep the mind open and let things play themselves out. Even in this world I try not to judge or make the presumption I understood what they REALLY MEANT. It is always best to have them clarify what they mean ,so that there are no delusions. Delusions help us not to see the truth. Wow thanks for reminding us of that Dr. Lahr.
    Now I get a better understanding of your labored breathing while channeling Michael – he was trying to show you symptoms.

    When the paparazzi called in on “coast to coast” I thought to myself it was more than MJ meeting with a young man for some physical reason. It seems more like this young man had something MJ wanted and needed very badly otherwise why go through the trouble of renting a wreck , putting on a disguise and driving by a school yard. What – was he going to do with this young boy in the car were everyone could see. It made no sense. You are right Dr. Lahr it had to be more than physical as you say his supplier. We dont know how old the boy was. When my son was in grade school here in Chicago. There were a group of young boys he [sic.] (probably meant WHO) sold drugs in the playground. Their older cousins supplied them the drugs so that they could bring it to school.

    What interests me is i heard this women on youtube claiming she is channeling MJ for research reasons. It sounded like him but I do not know.

    It seems that Michael is alarmed at all the negative things said to him in the press. Can a person who is in the state of “Ku” – (this is a Buddhist term meaning non-substantiality) Can an entity that has moved back into non-substantiality know what goes on in the living world? I know they cannot make any contribution to change the past once they moved on but can they really be emotionally upset about it?

    Comment by Faith — August 2, 2009 @ 2:01 am | Edit This | Reply

    • FAITH >>>

      “What interests me is i heard this women on youtube claiming she is channeling MJ for research reasons. It sounded like him but I do not know. It seems that Michael is alarmed at all the negative things said to him in the press. Can a person who is in the state of “Ku” – (this is a Buddhist term meaning non-substantiality) Can an entity that has moved back into non-substantiality know what goes on in the living world? I know they cannot make any contribution to change the past once they moved on but can they really be emotionally upset about it?

      As Michael Jackson’s official Medium, I can say that Michael Jackson has NO particuarly NEW feelings about what is said about him in the press. I have to take this from more than just the Buddhist perspective, but fortunately, such religion is still part of the overall collective Ancient Wisdom, so the answers should suffice. Your last comment would not be correct. Jackson would be certainly emotional, IF, he would have been emotional while in the physical. However, these would NOT be knew (he would not be manifesting his Astral existence as related to his prior physical one. He will remember the past, but create the NEW in the Astral)

      That next state of consciousness, phase, level of existence, Astral Plane of Existence et’al is thusly called specifically BECAUSE it is the Plane of Emotion. Our emotions NOW are actually those energies about us which are really in and part of the Astral Plane, that is, “the Emotional Plane.” It’s energy IS emotion. We connect to it through the protected Aura of our bodies. It is heightened when we pass because once we cross our various constitutions (our connections to all seven planes) actually sift and layer like strata. From the Astral on up we experience SPECIFICALLY the energies requisite of that plane. While down here in the physical, our Aura, conversely, makes a STEW of all of our states of energy. We might be emotional, we might not. We might be mental, enlightened, transcendental, … or not. And, only for short periods. IT DEPENDS on which of these energies we bring to the surface of our aura; it is the surface which reflects our THIS MOMENT state. Thus our energies boil, so to speak, bringing things to the surface in reaction to our moment. This too is how we meditate, and have psychic connections.

      There is another thing to consider. Technically, our consciousness is supposed to begin a slow disintegration in the Astral. We will basically diminish as we work through our problems and cease to have a purpose for being in the Astral any more. So with less consciousness, we have less ability for NEW or creative thinking, but we DO still have conscious memory. When we are done with the Asral, we move up yet another rung to something philosphies will call the Mental Plane, of Devachaun, or Heaven (if a Religion). The latter two are actually sub-planes of the larger Mental Plane, so called because our thoughts DO take a form up at this level; such being the means by which we can send love and healing to another; and of course, feel anothers pain, and negativity as an extreme example.

      Current Buddhism downplays a Soul, so it becomes a rather impersonal perspective on consciousness. That seems to me a subjective choice Buddha introduced, I haven’t found a necessity for the distinction, frankly. At the Soul and yet Higher Spirit level, there is little we could truely relate to from our current sunken domain. However, such is NOT impossible. I use a Tibetan technique, and it IS possible to see the Soul, which is why I do take my own personal exception to Buddhism as a philosophy, but accept it as one of the more sensible religions.

      Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 2, 2009 @ 6:05 am | Edit This | Reply

  2. An inquirer by the name of Denise, asks the question if the security guard Ralph Chacon would fit the bill. I am specifically not trying to psychically tap into anyone at the moment, but Chacon was a security guard and so would have special access and privilges. Interesting possibility.

    Thank you Denise

    Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 2, 2009 @ 4:54 am | Edit This | Reply

  3. About the health of MJ, family friend, Kevin Mclin, says that his mother
    is wondering how MJ passed the health check up with all the problems he

    Comment by N.J — August 2, 2009 @ 8:25 pm | Edit This | Reply

    • >>> N.J. VERY GOOD QUESTION. That these things can happen tells us that money, celebrity and influence changes the rules there we all must follow, I suspect. I waited to answer until I heard a medical doctor answer this same question. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE PASSED, that he has addictions and needle marks is undeniable, he conveyed.

      Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 5, 2009 @ 5:22 am | Edit This | Reply

      • Hello,

        There is also the OD insurance for the London concerts Joe Jackson and Geraldo Rivera spoke about

        According to TMZ, Louise Shield, head of communications for Lloyd’s of London, says that such a policy is odd

        and Lou Ferrigno ( MJ’s physical trainer) had originally said in CNN that MJ was in great
        shape, but later he said to Geraldo Rivera that, in his opinion,
        MJ needed more time.

        Comment by Anonymous — August 5, 2009 @ 10:25 pm | Edit This | Reply

  4. Dr. Lahr, The full story of the “Rent a Wreck” and court case as told by a Jury Member: Michael’s car broke down, owner of Rent a Wreck gave him car to use, wanted to introduce him to estranged wife and son. Did so, son had cancer, spent several nights at boy’s home he also had younger bro, became close friends with family, Michael paid for all cancer treatment, boy is on interview with Michael. Boy is a man now, hiding from the public from shame I suppose, and cancer free. They were quite close, and MJ treated him as an Angel like he did all kids. Mom’s house was going into Foreclosure, she wanted and needed money, Rent a Wreck (dad) was involved in some hincky business and the two of them began to exploit MJ. He wasn’t “delivering” so they cooked up the “accusation” to extract $ from MJ, ended up backfiring in their faces. Neither boy nor mother were believable, both seemed to be lying. Hope this clarifies, I’m sure you can verify with MJ, although he has such a pure heart, he cannot see the evilness of the human condition. Nikki

    Comment by nikki — August 3, 2009 @ 11:43 am | Edit This | Reply

    • Great contribution, Nikki. I’ll try and find the print story for authenticated reference. Isn’t it interesting, though, how much more contrived the call-in Paprarrazi’s story was, whom we heard on tape? Doesn’t even seem to actually fit this account, except that it has similar reference points. This one certainly suggests some benevolence, and one wonders if the “hincky” business you refer to has a drug connection; that would tie things together better, if true. Your story doesn’t mention a latin heritige either,which would be meaningful to verify since the entire post is based on there being a latin connection, and meaning of the word “Rojo.”

      Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 3, 2009 @ 12:08 pm | Edit This | Reply

      • You can read the story about Rent-A-Wreck here:

        The boy was Jordie Chandler. He did not have cancer.

        Comment by Johanna — August 3, 2009 @ 5:23 pm | Edit This | Reply

      • I appologize for my factual errors, I’m very glad that Mary Fischer actually has provided the facts of the whole situation. I would like to send a copy of this document provided by her to Ian Punnett. He seemed to want to “trap” Michael into admitting to inappropriate actions. In your interview Ian’s question seemed to have flown completely over Michael’s head! I’ve learned something during this whole process of losing Michael. The Media sets the tone and puts people on trial on a national level. It’s sad.

        Comment by nikki — August 4, 2009 @ 2:23 am | Edit This | Reply

        • Yep, tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. And they still continue to do it.

          As a journalist said, if he were truly guilty, a briefcase of money would’ve quietly changed hands in an airport lavatory and the media would not have heard a peep.

          Comment by Johanna — August 4, 2009 @ 9:09 pm | Edit This | Reply

  5. In an interview with Tito, MJ’s bro, he refered to MJ’s habit of calling him TT, Michael used the term “LT” and said he missed LT. I think it was LaToya. His pet name for her. Also, Michael says in his own words “do not believe anything you hear or read in the “tabloids” do not believe anything unless you hear it from me.” I also heard his doctor say that the oxygen tanks needed to be full. If one was only half full, it would not be enough oxygen to carry him through the night. Several Anesthesioligists have also shown the required equipment to monitor and in an emergency bring the patient back from the edge. None of this equipment was on site.

    Comment by nikki — August 3, 2009 @ 12:30 pm | Edit This | Reply

    • >>> Nikki.
      It would be PARTICULARLY important to validating Michael Jackson’s reason for commenting thusly, if you could point us in the direction of WHERE you heard the doctor saying the tank(S) needed to be full, ESPECIALLY, if he indicated that BOTH or ALL of them needed to be full.


      Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 5, 2009 @ 5:25 am | Edit This | Reply

  6. I think you’ve fallen way off the track here. Propofol is an anesthetic used in surgery. Is it not used to treat drug addiction. That would fall on drugs like naloxone, buprenorphine, etc. MJ was misusing propofol to overcome the side effects of the other meds, namely insomnia. This in no way means that propofol is used to treat drug addiction. Its only purpose is to induce unconsciousness (not sleep). It does not reduce addiction to other drugs.

    ‘Rojo’ may or may not mean Debbie. Why would he not miss her? They’ve been friends for more than 20 years. Alternately, it could just be a close friend of Latin descent whom we don’t know about. I think it’s best not to speculate too much about his personal life.

    Comment by Johanna — August 3, 2009 @ 5:37 pm | Edit This | Reply

    • >>> Johanna.
      I specifically waited to post this topic UNTIL I had heard a medical doctor being intervied make the statement. On television, a doctor was interviewed and stated that the ONLY logical reason to be giving Propofol in the early hours would be to curb an addiction. Truth! Fact! Propofol can be used to get one past the withdrawals, and it allows the symptoms of that addiction to pass, while the traces of Propofol will soon leave the body as well. THIS sounds suspicious to me. And I get from MJ’s session that he didn’t want to be an addict, that the doctors were excerting special influence in his medical condition matters.

      Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 5, 2009 @ 5:30 am | Edit This | Reply

      • I am wondering at some point if the medical exam he took for AEG will be know? AEG states he was healthy. How can AEG explain MJ being healthy with all the chemicals in his blood? Perplexing is it not?

        Comment by ladybeads — August 5, 2009 @ 8:37 pm | Edit This | Reply

  7. Rojo is a slang term for DXM ( Dextromethrophan)

    It did sound to me like Rojo must be someone close to him though and not
    a drug.

    Comment by N.J — August 3, 2009 @ 11:23 pm | Edit This | Reply

    • N.J.
      I am going to note this as a possibility, but prefer to still leave the case, so-to-speak, opeon. Rojo may be a slang for this drug, but it is still a name for a class. Symptoms of this drug (DXM) has some similarities to the one I mentioned. Important moreso, though, is that [other] terms are used in describing both drugs, which are actually different ones. In addition to Rojo, there is “Red Devil,” both drugs go by that name. Therefore, I cannot conclude anything definite by my reasoning, but certainly see reason to consider both drugs, Seconal and your DXM described above.

      Thank you. You’ve been very informatiove.

      Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 4, 2009 @ 5:29 am | Edit This | Reply

  8. I can see this as plausable when you read all the effects. It clearly states you can have an out of body experience too.
    Makes me wonder what his children may have seen? If you dont lock your doors children are very inquistive.

    Comment by ladybeads — August 4, 2009 @ 1:31 am | Edit This | Reply

  9. Christian,
    Did I read somewhere that you had said that Michael Jackson had indicated that someone else was in the room when he died, someone who perhaps was wearing blue? I am asking because the story has come out now that Dr. Conrad Murray’s Aide gave him a shot of Demerol in the early morning hours when Michael Jackson awoke and asked for it. Apparently, the Aide was “supposedly” unaware that he had been given the “Drip” by Dr. Murray. The Diprivan with the Demerol given so shortly after the anesthesia is a deadly combination. Thank you for your reply.

    Comment by Atlanta — August 4, 2009 @ 7:49 am | Edit This | Reply

    • 10.I don’t recall that specifically. As regards the aide, this story from the SUN, a UK Tabloid remains unconfirmed by U.S. sources. I will keep a watch on it, Thank You.

      Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 5, 2009 @ 5:14 am | Edit This | Reply

  10. Why would a dead person miss his medication? Insomnia in the afterworld?

    Comment by Johanna — August 4, 2009 @ 9:11 pm | Edit This | Reply

    • >>> Johanna, I’ll take that question if you don’t mind?

      ” 11.Why would a dead person miss his medication? Insomnia in the afterworld?”

      YES! YES! YES! Congratulations on being brave, allowing for an answer, yet trusting of your intuition there that maybe there is something to know, which is not obvious. Again, the answer to your intuition is YES! YES! YES!

      Those of this world presume there is an instant shift in awareness, mental condition, emotional state once one crosses. This would be QUITE incorrect.

      A drug addict would look for drugs, a sex addict would look for sex, and if we have ANY strong habits or inclinations these will absolutely resurface on the otherside. IN FACT, that is part of the reason for this interim Astral Plane phase before anyone can even begin to entertain any thoughs of a Heaven.

      BUT, they can’t have them, can they? They CANNOT get the drug, nor the sex, nor that habitual morning Late, or mamma’s lemon bars on Thursday evenings.

      Two things might occur:

      1) They will either look for others in the Physical Plane, who have a certain psychic potential, for 1, and those who have the SAME addiction or craving. Through that person’s baser nature he invites and allows approach from anyone in the Astral who refuses the teachings and becomes denser (closer to the Earth plane). In that way, through their similar lower-astral energy, the departed one [has the experience] of the drug, late or lemon bar through the Earth-based physical intermediary.

      2) OR — They can listen to the reason and indoctrination from the light, those who receive one on the other-side, and they can understand the pupose of that level is, “to give up ALL attachements.” We can have none, if we are ever to rise up to that much touted Heaven, Devachaun, or similar region of Higher Consciousness, where ONLY our good light can enter.

      This scenario set can cause considerable problems when crossing. And, it is why so much emphisis (spiritualy) is placed on resolving problems and attachements, to hold them NOT as a necessity, before we cross. Imagine the difficulty those who cling to physical life, have.

      There DOES NOT HAVE to be any physical symptoms on the other side, because we are not physical. However, we DO REMEMBER being physical, and an adjustment takes some time. That time can even be longer than your physical life was here on Earth, and often is. It was extremely so, like 10 to 100 times a greater duration in later ages. Again, another reason to resolve problems in the physical. Imagine the difficulties of the Suicide? Or, those who die at child-hood, or very young, by accident, in war as an 18 year old — we are NOT prepared for the other-side.

      Hence, the reason why many try to indoctrinate us to a successive higher set of existence levels, so first, we can set aside fear, and second, we can adjust redily and not actually fall further behind in our development. Those that pass young, or in war, for example are going to “cling.” They know NOT what other way to think, feel and be.

      There are volumes and volumes and volumes to know about the difference between these worlds, their purpose, and how we manage our way. Your off the cuff, humerous, even possibly sarcastic undertone is YOUR way of trying to rationalize what you are hearing spiritually. THIS IS GOOD. When one on the spiritual path offers some answers or prose that seems illogical, consider always that you have no frame of reference, then ASK. You are doing the right thing.

      Hopefully, that provided adequate insight.

      Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 5, 2009 @ 5:12 am | Edit This | Reply

      • Dr. Lahr you just explained a Buddhist concept. You fully understand the Buddhist view of death. I like your explanation of the struggle one has to go through- to choose the lesser ego over the higher consciousness. As I person who believes in re-birth it has puzzled me why in the Buddhist view one could be reborn as early as 49 days or unimaginable time in the future. We believe you can only change your karma while alive, and when dead you must suffer from your choices made in the living world, or not suffer if you have worked for others happiness as well as your own in the living world. Your explanations help when I think of Ghosts or shadow people I have experience in my life.
        My father for one always came to me in my dreams after he passed and warned me of bad choices I had not even created at the time. Sure enough his warnings panned out. Excellent thanks for clearing that up for me. I must tell my mother about this. Faith

        Comment by ladybeads — August 5, 2009 @ 9:13 pm | Edit This | Reply

        • Thank you Ladybeads. However, I am confused about one point. Perhaps this is due to the split in Buddhism, North and South, or it could simply be a current limited approach to teaching. I speak to Karma.

          I have always understood Buddhism, as well as the other Eastern Philospies, and all relions back when they were esoteric (and mostly Eastern, too) to have a view of Karma where it is worked on in ALL Planes, and hence the great purpose for them.

          Karma [does not] pertain to us solely as individuals. It applies to groups too, such as “women,”, countries such as “Israel,” races such as “Black, Red, Yellow or White, and levels of consciousness such as “Man.” All have karma import and impact on others in association.

          Back to the individual, we [too] must continue to work through Karma on other Planes. Here’s an example, MOST of the angels people experience are actually PEOPLE, and not angels. These come in two forms, those trying to do [good] while they are dreaming, and those trying to attone, do good or perfect themselves further once they have passed. This “goodness” is most often what is sensed or perceived, so our minds take shortcuts and attribute these people to the classes of Angels. Quite often people and mediums will simply outright acknowledge that certain humans passed are trying to do some good deed, or another, or have become compassionate or understanding, or have gone to speak to both family and friends in their times of need, especially during war.

          This [does not] take away from, nor discount angels of the real class, nor any forms associated with the Angelic Class, from Dhyani-Chohan/Archangels/Elohim to Deva to Angel to Nature People/spirit. These latter true angelic kingdom members function without ego and are therefore quite distinguished from “Man,” but being those who “Serve,” and more precisely, those who serve greater groups (like “mankind”, or “archangels”).

          Man is distinct and whenever he is in a Plane of Consciousness, he is in a Plane of Matter to some degree. Therefore, Planes are the realms through which man progresses, all of them, until he reaches “perfection.” Therefore, he has karma to address everywhere as it is the adherance to this law of cause and effects that allows man to address issues, and work his way higher in consciousness, eventually to “perfection.”

          I suspect I speak more to Esoteric Buddhism (again, such being the religions and philosophies in thier earliest, most open stage), and that modern Buddhism has dropped emphasis on these deeper aspects of wisdom, just like all religions have tended to do.

          Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 5, 2009 @ 11:43 pm | Edit This | Reply

          • I do not know if you were asking me a question or not? I have to re-read what you wrote a few more times so that I make sure I understand what you are stating.

            The one reason I post is so that I can learn from others spirituality. Also in Nichiren Daishonin sect of Buddhism not to much is talked about in terms of Angels , dreams, you name it.
            We use the term ” Buddhist Gods” benovolent dieties as a protective force. For example if you were about to walk out into the street and did not see the car coming down the street and someone pushed you out of the way, or you heard a bird up in a tree that took your attention away, or for some reason you had the thought you left something in your apt and you turned back to go get it and missed getting hit by the car we called that the Buddhist God or functions of the universe protecting you. Also we have what we call the Kind Devil of the 7th Heaven. Nturally a devilish functions.
            Anyway I say all that to say that I want to know about the other plane, Angels,Ghosts, fairies etc. And Why I cant see those things. I wonder if Buddhism prevents me from seeing such beings because of the beliefs we are taught. If this makes sense. Faith

            Comment by Faith — August 8, 2009 @ 1:54 am | Edit This | Reply

      • Interesting.

        Comment by Johanna — August 7, 2009 @ 11:57 am | Edit This | Reply

  11. If there is more MJ wants others to know, why isn’t he still communicating
    with you, Christian, instead of you having to do research?

    Thank you for your replies and all that you are doing.

    Comment by Anonymous — August 4, 2009 @ 11:27 pm | Edit This | Reply

    • Your [IF] and your [WHY] are presumptions, both unknown to, and unsubstantiated by, you. If your reserve the right to remain “anonymous” in this regards, than surely both Michael Jackson’s motives, and my own can be held in rightful abeyance for some later, far greater purpose and reason.

      Comment by Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. — August 5, 2009 @ 4:47 am | Edit This | Reply

  12. Hi,

    You wrote, ‘ Why is Michael Jackson nudging me to pursue this point… I
    think he must want it known, or out in the open.’
    That’s why I made the question.

    I have learned today that Ian Halperin has spoken about the existence
    of a more recent will that, for some reason, it is not out in the open.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer.

    Comment by N.J — August 5, 2009 @ 8:11 am | Edit This | Reply


  1. […] Christain begins an investigaton of this strange twist.  See Rojo Page » […]

    Pingback by POST | Was Michael Jackson missing “Rojo?” « Christian von Lähr | BLOG — August 13, 2009 @ 6:21 am | Reply

  2. Helena Rojo ? anyone
    There is a mexican actress who plays on the orignal spanish telenovela of Ugly Betty. She seems to be famous. She is an older woman. Maybe this Helena the nurse was name after her. Perhaps it is a common name.?

    Comment by Faith — August 21, 2009 @ 10:46 pm | Reply

    • Could she have been a counselor, of sorts. He did have an interest in people who made him comfortable, such as his artist. Could this person have been the one who explained the other side to him? He did have an interest in these things.

      Comment by ChrisTian — August 27, 2009 @ 4:21 pm | Reply

  3. I looked into LG’s comment. There is a pain killer called ROJO.

    DXM is a synthetically produced substance that is chemically related to codeine, though it is not an opiate. DXM is an ingredient in more than 140 over-the-counter cough and cold remedies and since the 1950s has gradually replaced codeine as the most widely used cough suppressant in the United States. It is available in capsule, liquid, liquid gelatin capsule, lozenge, and tablet forms. It also is available in powdered form on the Internet–typically for sale to laboratories conducting research on DXM.

    When ingested at recommended dosage levels, DXM generally is a safe and highly effective cough suppressant; however, when ingested in larger amounts, DXM produces negative physiological effects. Reports of DXM abuse have resulted in monitoring by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and DXM could be added to the Controlled Substances Act if warranted. In 2003 legislation was introduced in Texas and North Dakota to prohibit the sale of DXM to minors. The proposed legislation did not pass in either state. A similar bill introduced in California this year was also defeated.

    Slang terms for DXM include DM, robo, rojo, and velvet. Slang terms for DXM intoxication include robo tripping, skittling, and dexing.

    Comment by ChrisTian — August 27, 2009 @ 5:06 pm | Reply

  4. Okay, I broke down. I had to ask MJ for a clue to this Rojo business. I asked him if we could buy a vowel.

    This was interesting, and it makes me think he’s having a lot of fun playing hot and cold with us. He enjoys our investigative endeavors. He said, “I said I missed Rojo.” “Couldn’t missed have a different meaning then the one you are pursuing”

    Of course, I thought. He may have missed his schedule or appointed time for Rojo. Missing the TIME of a prescheduled Rojo connection might be significant, after all, he blurted out the statement.

    Could Rojo have been part of a scheduled regiment, and could missing this have some affect considering the Diprivan? Could it have been necessary in the drug coctail? Could red or rojo refer to a time itself, or colored indicator?

    Given LG’s proof of it as a drug (one possibility we’ve pursued), could this codeine opiate have been part of the regiment, and could being deprived of it caused a complication; perhaps a breathing one?

    Michael couldn’t stay long, his cartoons were coming on. But, this is an interesting new angle to consider. We may be following a jelly bean trail, it’s kind of entertaining.

    Comment by ChrisTian — August 27, 2009 @ 5:15 pm | Reply

  5. LINK:

    Here’s an article on June 27th that both confirms Michael Jackson received opiates, and ALSO indicates the breathing complications that could ensue if the schedule was missed.

    Comment by ChrisTian — August 27, 2009 @ 5:18 pm | Reply

  6. I’m taking one jelly bean, and posting my article find here.

    Below is a copy of that article:

    Drug mix Michael Jackson took is key

    The list of prescription drugs that Michael Jackson was reported to have taken includes drugs from three main chemical classes. Those most frequently referred to are the anti-depressant sertraline, known as Zoloft in the US and Lustral in Britain, the Valium-like tranquilliser alprazolam (Xanax) and the morphine-like painkiller pethidine (Demerol).

    It is reported that Jackson collapsed shortly after an injection of Demerol, presumably administered by a doctor or nurse. The timescale is not clear, but the limited interval between the injection and his collapse suggests that the two may have been linked.

    All tranquillisers and morphine-like painkillers are known to affect patients’ breathing patterns, especially if taken in excessive doses. Doctors know that the large single doses of opiates and sedatives given to patients in their final hours to relieve pain could shorten their lives by depressing their respiratory efforts.

    When two drugs are given together, especially if they are from different classes, the effects do not simply combine — they multiply. Doctors make use of this when treating high blood pressure where low doses of two drugs given simultaneously are often more effective than high doses of one or the other. But the multiplication principle also holds true for unwanted effects. The death of the actor Heath Ledger last year was attributed to the combination of Xanax with another opiate painkiller, oxycodone.

    The sedative effect of previous doses of Xanax, combined with an injection of Demerol, could have been responsible for the apparent shallowness of Jackson’s breathing in the minutes that followed. By the time that the 911 call had been logged by the emergency services his breathing had stopped altogether. The sedation resulting from the drug combination may well have removed the desire for him to breathe for himself as surely as if the drugs had been administered by an anaesthetist.

    When breathing stops and the heart is deprived of the oxygen required to function a cardiac arrest is inevitable.

    As soon as a patient collapses the priority is to re-establish some sort of circulation and to provide essential oxygen, usually by administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). If the cause of collapse is known it is mandatory to deal with that too. A collapse as a result of a heart attack is often due to a pulse abnormality known as V-fib (ventricular fibrillation) and a couple of shocks from a defibrillator may restore the heart’s normal rhythm.

    If the reports are accurate, the short time between the injection and the collapse would mean that the doctor who injected the Demerol would probably have considered administering an opiate antagonist (or antidote) to reverse any respiratory depression.

    The effects of the most commonly used antidote, naloxone, are short-acting but the time it buys the emergency response team, allowing them artificially to ventilate a patient, is invaluable.

    But even in the best situations, attempts at CPR are not always successful. Jackson was known to be physically frail, reportedly weighing as little as 7st, and to be under great stress. Perhaps it is not surprising that the paramedics and emergency room staff were unable to revive him.

    Dr Lobley is a general practitioner in South London

    Comment by ChrisTian — August 27, 2009 @ 5:22 pm | Reply

  7. you noted this drug is found in cough medicine? well i seem to remember MJJ liked cough medicine or at least it was written about in some news article. A also remember seeing what I thought to be a cough bottle somewhere in his photographs at NeverLand.
    Yes you have hit the nail on the head. He ” missed ” an appointment or ingredient not a person

    Can I ask a very stupid question? MJJ gets to watch cartoons? Does he like anime? family guy?( the sick and twisted stuff,( I am laughing out loud i find this amazing he watching cartoons, It is a T.V or just appears as an aspirition,Oh that’s right he is in 14 dimension at once)or the old fashion stuff? like Bugs and Road Runner?

    Comment by Faith — August 28, 2009 @ 9:36 am | Reply

  8. that was a Stupid question. Of course he is watching with his children.

    Comment by Faith — August 28, 2009 @ 9:43 am | Reply

  9. We know from reports that Michael Jackson had pet names for his drugs; “my Milk” being the more notable in re the Diprovin/propofol (sp?)

    Comment by Christian — August 29, 2009 @ 12:22 am | Reply

    • I know this sound weird but I keep getting a sense the Rojo has a japanese or asian connection! I have felt that for weeks. Might not be anyting but just in case I would like to go on the record.

      Comment by Faith — September 9, 2009 @ 9:23 am | Reply

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