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Medical Intuition »  Dr. Christian von Lähr is a world-renowned as a superlative Medical Intuitive, with unparalleled clairvoyant (like X-Ray vision) diagnostic abilities in America.   

He adds claircognizance (“clear-knowing” which is channeled insight from doctors who have crossed over, or are historically so inclined) with his extremely rare and truly amazing ability TO SEE into the different levels of the physical body. He pinpoints problems you have had all your life as well as those symptomatic today.  He even knows when a new condition is starting, and can prove it.  As well, he pre-determines your body’s condition(s) and propensities to breakdown in certain areas ─ this, so he can give you insightful focus as to where to concentrate your preventative maintenance; this may add a decade or more to your life (no extra cost.)  No one else in the world is on record with this ability.

 Dr. Christian von Lähr, literally astounds people by picking up, usually instantly, on blood diseases, viruses, bacterias and organisms contracted here or overseas;  on Cancers, neural issues, bone maladies and deficiencies, specific digestive organ scenarios, lung damage and chronic breathing conditions, as well as areas of physical bone, muscular and neural pain. 

This is truly a remarkable gift so tuned that he can tell when a person ACTUALLY has a condition, or came to him with the supposition that they did; often he picks up a family history that [suggests] your expectation of a hereditary conditions.  It is an astonishing thing to hear him tell someone that just sits down that they think they have cancer, but they actually do not.  And then, why this mental condition exists.  Or, when he instantly hears a heart murmur, or senses a hole or damage to the heart; and then might even tell them they’ve already had a heart situation and there was surgery, and these conditions are remnants related to the surgery. 

Everyone should consider having a regular 1-hour general style reading, and then follow it with an extensive medical intuitive scan and spiritual session for their best spiritual condition.  It could very well be the most productive, non-intrusive and well-spent investment you have ever made.  It should be pointed out, too, that during the session Dr. Christian may suddenly pick-up on conditions with your family members; this has occurred very often and has literally saved the lives of those who were not otherwise aware until the doctor recommended a particular medical checkup.  He has worked with the elderly as well as children, even those autistic.  Pets too have benefited from his sage intuitiveness. 

Most importantly, Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. is a Right Reverend with a secondary Ph.D. in Spirituality and a practioner in the Universal Ministry Church, is experienced and cognizant of many world religions, and is fully credentialed and licensed to preach and minister anywhere in the USA, at minimum.  He may chose to provide the necessary spiritual philosophy and insight to help you resolve issues that are affecting your mind, body and spirit ─ on the spot. This is because he can see and sense those things affecting you, past as well as present.

Christian is also a trained and recognized Metaphysical Healer, and Reiki Master/Teacher, as well as  a practitioner in several emerging New Age Healing modalities.  Indeed, he is the creator of a remarkable form of distance healing involving interaction with our various spiritual bodies and Higher Self.  This is, of course, a miraculous approach to helping those with drug addictions and/or suffering from alcoholism, or for others with mentally debilitating conditions,  including coma. 

During a session Christian may use crystals, tone therapy, or transference to the Ætheric, Astral or Mental body, and/or metaphysics to spiritually repair illness or conditions, cleanse your aura, repair and balance your chakras, remove energy-flow and consciousness blocks, and to increase physical energy, mental clarity, energetic balance and spiritual renewal.

Dr. Christian von Lähr, Msc.D. can actually see your Aetheric, Astral and Mental bodies too, and quite spectacularly can see your Higher Self. This provides him an optimum ability and opportunity to reach [you] at your Highest level of being.  These are highly rare and even unusual abilities in the Western world.  They can provide non-surgical benefit in resolving maladies, and in effecting healing conditions in the body and mind, because he can go beyond the diagnosis alone to suggest a treatment therapy (you should approach your traditional medical practitioner with his suggestions.) 

Christian will avail himself of all his psychic, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, claircognizant mediumship modalities to provide you an extensive wellness experience or potential during this extended Medical Intuition session.  Partly too, because sometimes our problems and/or symptoms have a connection with our birthing process, family upbringing, current relationships and the physical, mental and spiritual condition of those around us. 

Most certainly we are affected by negative thought-forms and negative energy either directed to us, of which we are indirectly sensitive to.  Although Dr. Christian von Lähr will define and help with these situations immediately, he will provide further insight as to why you are sensitive or susceptible to these scenarios to begin with.  This helps you prevent exposure in the future, and some technique or philosophy may be required to accomplish this objective. 

This session is structured to achieve a high degree of accomplishment in resolving issues and concerns that you may have with both yourself, and in your relationships.  Christian may provide you comprehensive spiritual insight into your past, current and future life, and your existing relationships so that you achieve understanding, wellness, love and expansion in your life.  This session increases the exploration of your spiritual Self for those who are endeavoring to expand their path, and learn how a psychic session will best serve their Higher purpose.

ADVISORY:  In America certain laws may limit a non-traditional doctor’s freedom to administer medical treatment, therapy and/or advice.  In consideration of these legal requirements, please review all spiritual advice that purports to help you with medical and mental conditions with your own traditional medical practitioner.

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  1. If I may ask, Christian, was this a natural gift, or something that can be developed? It is awesome.
    Bless you for the wonderful Reading. It explains so much, and my health condition makes sense for a change.

    Comment by Venta Salie — August 1, 2009 @ 7:31 am | Reply

  2. What an awesome, awesome experience. I don’t know how anybody can do this? I will have this for life to reflect on. Thank you so much.

    Comment by Confite — August 5, 2009 @ 5:39 am | Reply

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